Defeat Prostate Cancer: Breaking Misconceptions, Advocating for Early Detection, and Spreading Awareness

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Support ~ Education ~ Knowledge– encapsulates a powerful approach to personal and communal growth:
  • Support: The foundation. It implies offering emotional, social, or practical help to oneself or others. It’s about creating a nurturing environment where individuals feel valued and empowered.
  • Education: The structure built on that foundation. Education involves the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes. It’s both formal and informal and is essential for personal development and societal progress.
  • Knowledge: The outcome and ongoing process. Knowledge is the understanding or skills gained through education or experience. It’s dynamic, continuously expanding through life’s experiences and further learning.
Together, these elements create a cycle of growth where support fosters an environment for education, education leads to knowledge, and knowledge enhances the ability to support oneself and others more effectively.
    Acccolph Incorporated’s Mission
DeFeat Prostate Cancer by increasing awareness. We are determined to make a difference in the fight against cancer by spreading knowledge, promoting early detection, and empowering individuals to take control of their health.

Navigating the Path to DeFeat Prostate Cancer:


Why ACCCOLPH Is Important

The name of ACCCOLPH Incorporated is a tribute to Arthur Bendolph Jr.’s family members, with each initial representing their unwavering support and solidarity during his personal battle with prostate cancer. Every family member has played a vital role in supporting Arthur and confronting the obstacles presented by the disease.

Originally established as a beacon of hope focused on creating positive change, ACCCOLPH underwent a transformative moment in 2021 when its founder received a prostate cancer diagnosis. This poignant experience fueled a shift in our mission towards advocacy, awareness, and combating the disease under the rallying cry of “Defeat Cancer.”

We have broadened our initiatives to offer educational resources and support groups customized for individuals fighting prostate cancer. Our primary focus is on raising awareness and promoting early detection to have a significant impact on combating this disease.

Our commitment is to provide unwavering support to all men, with a particular focus on the most affected groups of veterans and African Americans, who face a heightened risk of prostate cancer. We offer vital resources and knowledge to combat and eliminate the stigma surrounding this disease in our community.

ACCCOLPH, Inc. stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to community service. With your support, we are confident that together we can make a significant difference in the battle against prostate cancer.

Donate Now! All donations are tax-exempt. Your generosity supports our mission and allows you to receive tax benefits for your contribution. Donating makes a meaningful impact in the fight against Prostate Cancer.


®Defeat Cancer 

Prostate cancer ranks as the second most commonly diagnosed cancer in men, right after skin cancer. The good news is that it can often be effectively treated when detected early. Studies show that when prostate cancer is caught in its early stages, nearly 100% of men diagnosed today will live and thrive five years from now. Early detection is critical to successful outcomes, making regular screenings and awareness crucial in the fight against prostate cancer. Let’s spread the word and empower more men to take control of their health!



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