ACCCOLPH Incorporated Leadership
Arthur Bendolph Jr. Founder

I will never be thankful for having prostate Cancer or losing my dad to it because i am not thankful for those experiences. However, I am grateful that i can use my journey to support and inspire others.

~Arthur Bendolph Jr

Arthur Bendolph Jr. is a remarkable individual who embodies resilience, dedication, and compassion. As a prostate cancer survivor, Air Force veteran, and the visionary leader of ACCCOLPH Incorporated, a grassroots 501(c3) nonprofit organization committed to eradicating prostate cancer, Arthur has demonstrated unwavering commitment to his cause.

Having served with distinction in both the Desert Storm and Gulf War, Arthur’s valor has been recognized with numerous Meritorious Service Medals. Beyond his military service, Arthur is a passionate mentor devoted to promoting early detection and raising awareness to combat the social stigma surrounding prostate cancer.

Arthur’s personal battle with cancer began in 2021, prompting him to delve into understanding the disease and inspiring a new direction for ACCCOLPH. The organization, founded in 2012 as a beacon of hope, refocused its mission in 2021 under the rallying cry of “DeFeat Cancer,” expanding its reach to provide support groups and educational resources tailored to those affected by prostate cancer, particularly African Americans and veterans at higher risk.

Through community outreach, educational programs, and advocacy initiatives, ACCCOLPH strives to elevate public awareness on prostate cancer, early detection, eliminate stigma, and advocate for equitable access to medical services. Arthur’s academic achievements, including a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Columbia University and ongoing pursuit of a Doctorate in Business Administration, reflect his commitment to continuous learning and growth in service of his mission to make a positive impact on the fight against prostate cancer.


Arthur leads a busy and demanding professional life, often traveling for work, advocating for Cancer early detection, and supporting veterans. Arthur is married and has two adult children. He is health-conscious and actively seeks information about maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Goals and Motivations:

Arthur’s primary goal is to raise awareness about prostate cancer and promote early detection among men. Having personally experienced the challenges of prostate cancer, he is passionate about educating others and ensuring they have access to the necessary resources and support. Arthur wants to positively impact the lives of men affected by this disease and their families.


One of the main challenges he faces is reaching a broad audience with his message. He understands that prostate cancer is a sensitive topic for many men, and breaking through the barriers of stigma and fear can be difficult. Additionally, he must find effective ways to engage men of different ages and backgrounds and their loved ones to encourage open conversations and proactive actions.

Information Sources:

Arthur stays up-to-date with the latest medical research and advancements in prostate cancer through reputable sources such as medical journals, online publications, and trusted healthcare websites. He also actively participates in support groups and attends conferences and events related to prostate cancer awareness.

Preferred Communication Channels:

Arthur prefers digital communication channels such as social media platforms, email newsletters, and online forums. He appreciates concise and informative content that is easy to share with others. Additionally, he values personal connections and is open to attending in-person events and engaging in one-on-one conversations.

Key Message:

The key message that resonates with Arthur is the importance of early detection and regular screenings for prostate cancer. He believes that by raising awareness and encouraging men to take proactive steps, lives can be saved and the impact of this disease can be minimized. Arthur emphasizes the significance of support networks and resources available to those affected by prostate cancer.

By understanding the needs and motivations of individuals like Arthur, organizations and initiatives focused on prostate cancer awareness can tailor their strategies to reach and engage their target audience effectively.